Curse like a Roman!

Has someone annoyed you recently? Or stolen something? Perhaps they’ve eaten the last biscuit or broken a favourite possession. Why not get revenge the Roman way and curse them!

Join Mathew Morris from University of Leicester Archaeological Services and explore the story behind two Roman curse tablets found in Leicester. Learn about Servandus and his stolen cloak and Sabinianus and his stolen money! Then have a go making your own wax tablet and writing your own curse with these downloadable activity guides.

To find out more about pre-Roman and post-Roman languages visit the Latin Now project. You can download maps showing pre-Roman and post-Roman languages, which may be used with acknowledgement. They are available in EnglishFrenchGermanDutchCatalan and Castilian Spanish. You can also download a wide range of lesson plans, including Codebreaking in the Roman Army.

Watch Janie Masséglia (University of Leicester) present an online Roman Curses Activity for the 7th Nottinghamshire History and Archaeology Festival.

A session on Curses (session 4) can be found in our KS2/3 lesson plans for teachers, which introduce Latin in the context of life in Leicester and the wider Roman world.

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