Life in the Roman World: Roman Leicester

Giacomo Savani, Sarah Scott and Mathew Morris

Read for free a new book by the University of Leicester which explores what life was like in the city over 1,600 years ago. Through a combination of narrative and new archaeological research Life in the Roman World: Roman Leicester by Giacomo Savani, Sarah Scott and Mathew Morris explores the nature of everyday life under the Romans. Based on the world-class research of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History (SAAH), the excavations and publications of University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), and objects at the Jewry Wall Museum and the Harborough Museum, the book explores topics which still concern us today, such as conflict, social inequality, multiculturalism, migration, diet, disease and death. Inspired by recent archaeological discoveries in Leicester, the narrative imagines the experiences and responses of ordinary people living in the town through four centuries of Roman rule. Leicester is examined in detail because it is one of the most excavated urban centres in Britain, and the range of evidence shows us that it was a vibrant multicultural centre from its earliest phases.

We offer a range of teaching resources linked to the book. Our Life in the Roman World programme for KS2 and KS3 introduces pupils to the culturally plural nature of the Roman world through local Roman heritage, as well as introducing Latin in the context of the archaeology of Roman Leicester.

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