Build like a Roman

Roman Leicester’s inhabitants lived in a wide variety of houses, ranging from rows of small, simple rectangular buildings built along street fronts (with domestic rooms located behind shops or workshops) to larger, elaborate townhouses built around colonnaded courtyards.

Create your own Roman house in Minecraft. Alternatively you could draw or paint a house, build a house using Lego or cardboard, or write a description of your ideal Roman house (just as the Roman architect Vitruvius did).

For inspiration, have a look at the examples in Leicester and Pompeii on our information sheets, and watch the video of our Roman Leicester in Minecraft workshop with the Minecraft artist Wizard keen (Adam Clarke) and archaeologist Sarah Scott (University of Leicester). This event was part of the Council for British Archaeology Festival of Archaeology 2020 (in partnership with Leicester Creative Business Depot). Congratulations to all involved- amazing creativity and fantastic building skills!

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